Preparation for marriage 22-Dec, 2020

We all dream of a fictional world from childhood. Starting from the house of the world, the man is also like himself. But day by day he fell into the dust of thought. In the race to be educated, to have a career, and to be established in society, the real thoughts about marriage suddenly come to mind.


Marriage is an important part of life, it makes life beautiful but these beautiful potential lives can become more beautiful if the newlyweds are physically and mentally healthy. So before marriage, both boys and girls want to have physical and mental preparation. According to experts, a person should have this pre-preparation before marriage -


Preparation for marriage:


1) Marriage is a long chapter in life. A life journey of at least 25-30 years from marriage, child, child-rearing to the completion of the child's education. So before marriage, we need to know and understand each other well.


2) Every family has different rules, customs, and manners, in these cases, both must be cooperative.


3) In both profit and arranged marriage, the boy and girl have to be respectful towards the relationship. Both of them have to have the mentality of adapting to each other's family.


4) Marriage does not mean that you need a lot of money. If you are satisfied with what you are earning, then it will not be unrealistic to make your partner happy.


5) The idea that respecting one's partner reduces one's freedom is also wrong. When you admit your partner's mistakes, you also have the responsibility to solve his problems. So stay free from frustration with the family, try to adapt yourself.



Another thing to keep in mind is not only marriage but also age. Infertility can occur if boys get married at an older age. If girls get married at an older age, the child may be born with birth defects including physical and mental disability. In that case, it is very risky for girls to have their first child after the age of 30. However, even if girls get married at a young age, some health risks remain. Pregnancy is very risky for young girls. So it is very important to consider the age of both boys and girls for marriage.


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