Does Social Media Ruin Marriages ? 01-Apr, 2021

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Social media plays an effective role in our personal lives. The ongoing debate about whether social media is ruining marriages or not took a new shift, when recent researches start showing how people avidly using social media are showing the most tendency of getting divorced. Marriages are collapsing because of social media. It might at first do not make sense that how social media can ruin marriages but if we take closer look into the matter we can see the issue. 



Social media opens a new scope for married people to cheat on their partners. Through social media they can meet new people and easily form a bonding with them with or without mentioning their marital status. In real life, cheating might be harder due to presence of people around or lack of time or distance but in case of social media there is no chance of getting caught as the account and messages are fully confidential and can only be accessible by the users. 

Social media has raised the rate of infidelity in marriages and is ruining marriages at a great number lately. 

Lack of Trust, Impatience and Jealousy 

Another toxic trait of social media is it ignites unnecessary jealousy among people. Married people constantly feel the urge to portray their marriage as a perfect one. People see other married couples activities and compare their marriage with others which often leads to jealousy. Social media makes people question the credibility of their partners and depth of their commitment. People are so carried away with their virtual life that they often forget their reality and become upset when their expectations are not met. 

Does Social Media Ruin Marriages ? 

In this era of social media people want everything instantly. No one wants to wait for things to happen or situations to get better and whenever they feel they are not getting what they want instead of trying to fix the situation or talk problem out they start to look for someone who can provide them with everything that they want or simply can give them a good time. 

Spending too much Time on Social Media

Social media is addictive. The continuous trends, activities and features make it very hard for someone regardless of their age to restrain themselves from getting addicted to using social media. One of the most prompt complains when a couple register for their divorce is their partner spends way too much time on social media thus avoiding their real life duties. Social media addiction has reached to such point where people need to see psychologists or even get admitted in rehabs to cure this dependency on social media. 

Marriages are ruining because of this excessive dependency on social media. Partners are so busy sharing their everyday life and forced happy moments on social media in order to gain attention and appreciation from people. This fake lavishness and perfectness is affecting their marriage so severely that in person partners are getting apart. Even after leaving under the same room do not find interest in one on one conversation. Love is only shown when they are posting pictures in their social media handles, promises are often written as captions and quality time is spent replying to peoples comments instead of actually talking to one another and sharing their feelings. 

Active Social Media Life vs. Healthy Marriage

Everything has both good and bad ends. Social media gives us the opportunity to communicate with others within the shortest possible time, lets us updated about the world and serves as a good mean to spend leisure time. The dark side of social media is it can get very addictive if we do not be careful with the use. Social media needs to be handled cautiously so that we create our boundaries about how much we should put on social media and a fine line should be drawn on communicating with strangers. 

A healthy marriage requires active participation from both the partners. Social media opens the door for third party intruders which can be very dangerous for the marriage and ruin years of relationship. An open understanding is a must between partners in this era of modern communication. Partners need to learn to give space to their partners and respect their personal and social life. In case of any misunderstanding partners should talk with one another face to face as soon as possible. Any kind of discomfort and hurt should not be kept inside mind for a long time as it can lead to fights later. 

Social media ruins marriage – is a bitter truth now but with patience and sensible actions partners can safe their marriage and turn their marriage into a safe house. It only needs trust and understanding towards each other to keep the marriage strong and healthy. If happiness is promised within the four walls, the virtual intruders can do no longer harm to the marriage. Anyone can have an active social media life and a healthy marriage if they are willing enough to find a perfect balance among these two. 


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