A short overview of Bangladeshi marriage media 07-Oct, 2020

Bangladeshi marriage media is a relatively new phenomenon. It has only been around for about two decades and has made significant strides in Bangladeshi society. In this article, we will take a look at Bangladeshi marriage media, and the several organizations that provide matchmaking services.

Below is a list of several prominent matrimonial sites in Bangladesh:

Marriage match BD

Marriage Match BD is one of the best matrimonial sites in Bangladesh. They have reliably served the Bangladeshi marriage market for nearly 9 years. They are a reliable and high-quality website. They are a company that looks to match prospective Bangladeshi grooms and brides with each other. They exclusively cater to the educated, aristocratic, and well established elite families of the country. They have three other auxiliary services. They are,

-Marriage match BD marriage agency: This is an offline matchmaking service that specializes in navigating courtship between children of well-established families. They have professional, experienced matchmakers who have years of experience negotiating successful marriages.

-Marriage match BD online: This is an online matchmaking service for middle-class people who are loath to spend vast sums on weddings. They cater to members of any caste, religion, or race. They match users with potential spouses that meet their criteria.

-Marriage match wedding planner:  This is a wedding planning and organization agency. They are experienced in this field and will plan a glamorous wedding and handle it from start to finish.

They possess a unique matching system where they match quite thoroughly with age, height, education, profession, values, lifestyle, and background. They also conduct extensive background checks to verify that individuals participating in the website are authentic. They achieve this via cross-matching their information across social media. They have a fully protected SSL system which ensures the safety of online payments. They accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and bKash.

Their contact number is +8801722063276, and they are located 4th Floor, Abu Syeed Market, DIT Road, West Rampura DHAKA Bangladesh

T-Marriage world

T marriage world was founded in 2011, and within a decade they have built themselves up as the most successful matrimonial companies in Bangladesh. They have created many success stories, and are renowned for their integrity and security. They provide matchmaking services and marriage counseling. 

They provide four service packages:

-Basic: This costs 3000 BDT and the duration is 45 days. One can send a total of 50 proposals and the contact view limit is 10. The limit on proposals per day is four.

-Standard: This costs 5800 BDT and the duration is 90 days. One can send a total of 70 proposals and the contact view limit is 20. The limit on proposals per day is six.

-Classic: This costs 8300 BDT and the duration is 175 days. One can send a total of 90 proposals and the contact view limit is 40. The limit on proposals per day is eight.

-Premium: This costs 11,800 BDT and the duration is 365 days. One can send a total of 110 proposals and the contact view limit is 70. The limit on proposals per day is ten.

They accept payment from Visa, Mastercard, Bkash, American Express, and Dutch Bangla Bank Limited. 


Bangladesh is a rapidly modernizing society. Traditionally, most people in the country lived in joint families under the supervision of a patriarch. The family elders would selected spouses for their descendants from within the local region or extended family.

However, rapid urbanization over the past two decades has led to a collapse of traditional society. Tens of millions of villagers have migrated to the city in search of labor. This has caused a collapse of joint families, and old modes of courtship. 

Many young people now live as atomized individuals in the cities, often sandwiched between job and education life. This has left many of their ranks without the time to pursue a suitable mate.

Online marriage media helps to alleviate these issues to a degree. It allows people to search for potential spouses from amidst a diverse selection of men and women of different backgrounds.

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